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The polished high skyline in the heart of downtown Los Angeles morphed into a dingy unattractive mass of warehouses and old buildings as you traveled east. One of these buildings housed a furniture wholesale business that was owned by a man under the complete control of Andre Nevindoss. The building and its contents were at the disposal of the vampire. Before VAMP found a way to track the undead, it had been a perfect place for him to rest during the daylight hours.

Bierman, Nevindoss's tall, well-groomed manservant and protector, was waiting when the vampire returned to the building. His expression was full of concern but he waited for Nevindoss to speak first. Nevindoss removed his leather jacket and looked at his nearly healed side under his cut-up bloody shirt. He opened a closet and pulled out a clean one. While he changed clothes he acknowledged Bierman's need to speak.

"You look as if you're about to burst. What is it?" Nevindoss asked.

"While we were away it appears that your friends have started using equipment that tracks vampires." Bierman turned on a television set and played a video taped news broadcast. "With this detailed information they send squads into buildings and terminate every vampire inside."

Nevindoss watched as the VXU's moved 




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