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through an old boarded up supermarket with precision and terminated two-dozen of his undead. An attractive, longhaired blonde reporter who narrated the action appeared on screen to conclude the segment. Nevindoss frowned.

"Kristi Tanner. VAMP's media mouthpiece."

"It is not safe for you to be here. When their equipment scans this building and finds you, it will be of no further use to us," Bierman stressed.

"Good point."

"Where would you like me to drive you?"

"That's okay. I'll fly. But there is something I need you to do."


"What are the range limits of their equipment?"

"I think Long Beach and everything south of it is safe," Bierman replied. "Everything north of Thousand Oaks in the valley. I don't know how far east."

"Good. Get in touch with every gunrunner and illegal arms dealer in the city. Have them gather for a meeting at a warehouse somewhere in Long Beach in four hours. Let them name the place."

"What are we buying?"

"Everything. Tell them money is not an issue and we'll be ready to take possession tonight. It's time we fought fire with fire."




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