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Baby Boy, the young, square shouldered lookout crouching by the window at the front of the store told himself how a good shot of scotch would go a long way towards settling his nerves. The salty perspiration from his forehead caused his bulging eyes to burn. He wiped his brow with his sleeve and took a few, quick deep breaths in an attempt to regain his composure. When he thought he was once more in control, he looked out the window again. He shouted out a little too loudly.

"Hey! There's a one-armed guy down the street with his hand caught in a car door."

"Keep it down, asshole," Cyclops growled.

"Good," Mossette said. "That ought to keep the attention off of us."

"Shit! Now there's a VXU a block away. Let's get the hell out of here," Baby Boy screamed.

"I wish you would quit your bitchin' and calm down for once," Cyclops said as he tossed the flashlight into the duffel bag.

Mossette grabbed two spikes from Baby Boy as the nervous young man dashed past him for the back door. He calmly walked to the front window to get his own assessment of the situation. He was glad to see the Vampire Extermination Unit officers helping the one-armed man get free, but only because it would allow him and his fellow raiders extra time to get away.

In the alley behind the store, four not-so-well dressed vampires bearing inch-long fangs, greeted the three looters. Mossette and Baby



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