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Without hesitation, Tanner pulled a glow stick from her jacket, bent it in half and threw it against the wall of her cell. A moment later, the green glow from the stick let her know how tight of a spot she was in. From another pocket she pulled out a pair of earplugs and jammed them firmly in her ears. Then she released the clip from her Beretta. As it fell to the floor she ejected the round from the chamber. She pulled a special clip from her holster, inserted it in the gun's handle and moved the release to chamber the first round. Tanner pushed herself down into a corner of the steel cage and took aim at the opposing corner. She covered her face and head with her jacket and fired three times in a triangular pattern. The three explosive rounds blasted a sizable hole in the metal. After the steel fragments stopped flying, Tanner peeked from under her jacket, and quickly jumped through the hole when she saw things were clear.

Slamming her back against the nearest crate Tanner let her aim follow her eyes as she scanned the area for more attackers. Just then a loud horn sounded and bright lights illuminated the room. A voice blared from a loudspeaker.

“Damn! That’s enough lady. Get the hell out of here before you wreck the place.”

Tanner laughed. “I thought you had something new and challenging.”

The man on the microphone opened the door to the training area. “Go on. Beat it! Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.”



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