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"Suck on this for now," he said in the most degrading tone he could muster. Ricky looked over at the others. In the same tone he said, "She ain't much to look at, but you should see her go down on the old snake." He moved in close enough for their noses to touch. "You were always reeal good at that. Weren't you baby?"

With what little will she had left she tried to scream her refusal, to break away from his grasp. But her body's need for the blood that filled her mouth, its natural will to survive, quickly took over.

For Elizabeth Roth, shock did not set in soon enough. Although physically overpowered and unable to fight off her attacker, inside of her mind she screamed her revulsion. As the blood flowed down her throat and her body started to change, she was devastated by the fact that the monster subjecting her to this brutality used to be a friend. Used to be a lover. As she slipped deeper and deeper into darkness, the word that repeated in her mind was `Why?'



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