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"This is amazing," Heaberlin said just above a whisper.

"Yep. You made it to the big show. This is where it all happens. You're gonna see things that the government doesn't even know about yet."

Heaberlin nodded and smiled. "I'll bet."

"Eric didn't say much about your background. Just that you have some skills we need. Do you know him or something?" Big Bill inquired.

"Nope. I've heard a little about him, but I've never met him," Heaberlin replied.

"Then whatever you do, you must be damn good at it."

Heaberlin looked at him quizzically. "Why do you say that?"

Big Bill pointed at OPS. "Because only the best get to work in there and he singled YOU out to join the team."

Heaberlin shrugged his shoulders slightly. "Hey, man. I just write code."

"It's not what you do. It's how you do it," Eric said standing behind them.

They turned around. Bill smiled and did the introductions.

"I didn't hear you walk up. Mike Heaberlin, this is Eric Steiger. Eric, this is Mike."

"Pleased to meet you," Eric said.

"This is a real honor. Thank you for the opportunity, Mr. Steiger."



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