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feed on, most of them won't leave. But don't expect them all to stay put. Especially after the hell we raised today with the raids," Victor said confidently.

"What kind of numbers did you rack up?" Whitley asked.

"The kill count was one hundred and twenty-five."

"When do you think the exodus will start?"

"Since Los Angeles is home for most of them, I don't think their immediate reaction will be to leave. Some of them just won't know where to go."

"But the ones that do migrate out of the city…the ones that can fly…we'll need a way to track them," Whitley said concerned.

"From what Eric says the satellites will record vampire's locations far beyond the city limits. That's why it's important for you to move on getting those birds launched. In any event, get me at least another twenty-five vehicles to step up the raids. Remember…for this project to succeed we've got to hit them hard and fast."

Whitley raised his eyebrows. "Yes, sir."





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