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raised the metal object to his side and ran full tilt towards the door. The ram hit the door with so much force the hinges tore away from the frame. The noise made by the large man as he stomped on the thin wooden door then pounded the hollow floor snapped Liz partially out of her stupor. In an instant the invader was across the room, dragging the defenseless woman off the couch by her arm. He lifted her off the floor and rushed towards a back window. The large, single pane exploded as her body crashed through. Liz hit the ground hard among the shards of glass that littered the small concrete yard. Unfortunately, her shoulder took the impact rather than her head, allowing her to maintain consciousness and witness the brutality that was about to be inflicted upon her.

Dazed and vaguely aware of what had just happened, Liz rolled onto her back and opened her eyes. A small group of vampires stared down at her with smiles and bared fangs. A moment later when her eyes adjusted to the light of the full moon and the faint bulb that illuminated the rear of the property next door, she threw her hands up to cover her face and screamed. One of the vampires knelt down by her head and screamed back at her to mock her fear. Liz replied by screaming hysterically.

The vampire put his hand over her mouth to muffle the screams. He looked up at the other five bloodsuckers and said, "Shall we?"

The others descended rapidly upon the squirming figure, biting and drinking from whatever flesh was exposed. Liz's muffled screams quieted rapidly. A curtain opened slightly in a dark window on the second floor of the duplex.


Copyright 1996, 2001, 2002 Chris Caldwell  All Rights Reserved

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